Welcome to My Shop!

Earl Bartell's Woodturning Shop

This is the shop where I make my woodturned creations (my wife refers to it as my "Man Palace"). If you've never heard of woodturning, it's the creation of round objects out of wood (or other materials) on a lathe. In my case, I produce wood bowls, platters, wine bottle stoppers, and hollow forms.

I started out small with a Shopsmith, a multi-woodworking tool that serves as a lathe, tablesaw, sander, and drill press. I soon realized that I only wanted to woodturn, so I began acquiring lathes. I now have six that can turn something as small as a child’s spinning top to something as large as a 25” diameter bowl or platter.

I take a lot of pride in my work and need to have a space that is well-organized for efficiency and quality production. My shop has been featured in the book, How to Design and Build Your Ideal Woodshop by Bill Stankus for its tool organization and custom-built light sources.

I invite you to browse my products for something you’ll enjoy having in your home or office.